BWise Multi-Tasker – not instock

Status: [su_label type=”important”]NOT INSTOCK[/su_label]┬áItems on this page are not instock, but can be backordered.

Multi-Tasker base trailer

The name says it all: Multi-Tasker. Great base unit, built for commercial applications. Choose bumper-pull or gooseneck. The variety of bed options are shown in the next section below (not included in the base trailer).


If you are buying both the Multi-Tasker base trailer, and one+ beds, ask for promotional pricing! Contact us for details.

Multi-Tasker bed options

With the Multi-Tasker‘s innovative design, choose from a selection of beds, including a Tilt Deck, a Dump Bed, or a Dumpster. Conveniently detach one bed and reattach another bed of your choice! (base trailer not included)