Carhauler Trailers (not instock)

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Trailers on this page are not instock, but can be backordered. Can’t wait for a backorder? Check out our inventory.

Pricing for the trailers below is out-of-date. Please call for assistance.

BWise CH Series Carhauler Trailers

LOW-PROFILE. Race car, antique car, or just needing to haul the family sedan – transporting vehicles can be made easier with the right type of trailer to get the job done. Choose from the full steel deck car hauler trailers within our BWise CH Carhauler Series. Removable fenders are standard.

BWise CHT Series Carhauler Trailers

LOW-PROFILE. Make the loading and unloading of a vehicle easier with the assistance and power found within the BWise CHT Car Hauler Tilt Series. Trailers made specifically for vehicle transportation but with the added benefit of a tilt trailer design.

Can’t wait for a backorder?