frequentlyaskedquestionsHow much can I haul on my trailer? Carrying capacity is calculated by taking the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and deducting the trailer’s empty weight (tare). The remaining amount is the legal payload. EXAMPLE: Trailer GVWR rating is 9,990 lbs. Trailer empty weight is 2,100 lbs. Your payload is the difference of 7,890 lbs.

What type of hydraulic fluid is recommended? The recommended hydraulic fluid is Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). We suggest Dexron II or III, or equivalent.

Can we order a custom-built trailer? BWise Manufacturing (which manufactures both BWise and Bri-Mar brands) is a production-based manufacturer. Outside of our standard models and options, there is limited ability to be a true custom trailer manufacturer. But we do have the ability to make some changes, depending on the request. Contact us to let us know what you’d like.

Where can I get an owner’s manual? An Owner’s Manual comes with each trailer. If you lost yours, you may contact us.

What warranty do you offer? We take care of warranty registrations for you. View the warranty policy online.

How do I get parts and service? We’ll be happy to help with parts and service, but parts are not sold online. Please contact us by phone or by stopping in.