Utility Trailers (instock)

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Trailers on this page are instockon display, and available now in Westfield, Massachusetts. Come and visit our display.

BWise UT Series Utility Trailers

LOW-PROFILE. When you’re needing a little more performance and diversity with your utility trailer, the BWise UT Utility Tube Frame Series provide upgrades like a tubing top rail and split rear ramp gates that come standard – providing more diversity in what you can get out of your utility trailer. Designed with the serious landscaper in mind.

BWise UTE Series Utility Trailers

LOW-PROFILE. A true light duty utility trailer, the BWise UTE Utility Angle Frame Series provide the frame and construction to handle everything from firewood to ATVs. The added benefit of the fold-down ramp gate provides an easier task of loading and unloading. The perfect fit for the price conscious buyer.